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Different Kinds Of Garage Doors Toronto To Choose From

Choosing the right kind of garage door for your Toronto home not only provides you the security against theft; it can also enhances its visual appeal. This is because your garage door leaves a strong impact on the overall look of your property and it can make or mar its appearance. This is why it is important to choose very carefully the right type of garage door which can complement other aesthetics of your home. There are different types of garage doors available in the market, manufactured using different materials, such as wood, steel and fiberglass etc.

Wooden garage doors are comparatively expensive than the steel garage doors, however these comes in different varieties when it comes to type of wood used and styles. You can choose anything from regular, raised-panel garage door designs to the ones that adorn the traditional looks of Victorian era. The different types of wooden garage doors are available in either paint or stain grade styles.

These days increasing number of home owners in Toronto are opting for garage doors which are built from steel. The reason being is that they are generally more affordably priced as compared to wooden garage doors. Moreover, these are durable and can be tailor made to fit any size perfectly. One more reason why steel garage doors Toronto are getting more popular day by day is that you can paint them in any color depending upon your choice. You can paint them in matching color as of your home or in contrasting colors to enhance the overall look of your home.

Steel garage doors can be divided further into three main types: Single Layer Garage Doors, Double Layer Garage Doors and Triple Layer Garage Doors.

Single Layer Steel Garage Door -

This type of garage door is manufactured using one large sheet of galvanized steel. It is generally the most affordably priced garage door among different types of steel garage doors

Double Layer Steel Garage Door -

This type of garage door is manufactured using a sheet of galvanized steel which acts as the outside covering of the door and consists of a heavy layer of polystyrene or polyurethane which provides support from inside. The inside covering also provides insulating and soundproofing features in the garage door.

Triple Layer Steel Garage Door -

This type of steel garage door is manufactured using the similar type of materials as used to build the double-layer steel garage doors. However, there is added layer of galvanized steel layering on the inside in order to safeguard the polystyrene or polyurethane against any kind of possible damage. Addition of this extra layer makes this type of steel garage door the strongest and also the most expensive one among all the steel garage doors

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