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98LM Premium Motion-Detecting Control Panel

98LM Premium Motion-Detecting Control Panel

There is no need to walk into a dark garage again. The LiftMaster® Premium Motion-Detecting Control Panel will turn the operator lights automatically when it detects the slightest movement. And, as with all LiftMaster control panels, it will lock out all exteror radio signals of the remote control while you’re gone away.

  • Fitted with a 150° sensing angle
  • Turns opener lights on and from within the garage
  • Deactivate motion-detecting function with the on/off switch
  • Adaptable light timer allows you set the time for the opener lights to go out after opening or closing the garage door
  • Big sized well lit push button makes it easier to operate the garage door, even in complete darkness
  • Turn opener lights on or off from within the garage


  • Locks out any exterior remote control signals while you're away
  • Motion detector will turns garage door lights on automatically when movement is sensed