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370LM Mini 3-Button Remote Control

370LM Mini 3-Button Remote Control

Take a advantage of our mini 3-button remote control.This is a mini version of our 3-button remote control which is especially helpful for those on the go. The powerful remote control can monitor 3 garage doors and control the lights on your opener and the small appliances in your home. You can carry it almost anywhere, in your pocket or purse, or even on your key chain. Featuring Security+® rolling code technology, you get a brand new code every time it is used and thus keeps your belongings and family extra safe and secure. A 3-volt battery is included.

See below and find out what remote controls will work with your system once you discover the MHz frequency of your garage door opener before placing an order.

Order the 372LM if:

  • Motorhead of door opener has a purple antenna, or
  • Motorhead of door opener has a purple learn button, or
  • Original remote has black, or
  • Original remote containssilver buttons with blue lights